Mississauga ON, Canada


Hi I’m Chris Fazio, I am a tattoo artist operating in the Mississauga/Toronto area. I have been into drawing and art all my life. In 2003 I graduated with an advanced diploma in animation from St.Clair College and have been working as a professional 3D animator on various network TV series for the last 14 years. I am still an animator full time, but tattoos are something I always wanted to do…

I graduated from the Tattoo and Piercing School of Canada in October 2017 which included all the standard Health and Safety training as well as proper tattooing techniques. After graduating I trained every day for two months on pork belly skin which is standard practice for training tattoo artists as pork skin is very close to human skin. I did about 40 tattoos, I’ve included some examples below. I started tattooing people in January 2018.

I have now had many happy clients and am ready for more work. My current rates are only $80/hour. This includes any custom art work I may need to create for your piece.

See more of my art work and tattoos on my Instagram.

**I come to your home for the work – Tattoo Delivery!**

Instagram: chris_fazio_art

My contact info is at the top of the page, I prefer call or text for bookings. I come to you for the work.


Tattoo Samples

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