text or call: 647-448-1597

Tattoo service and tattoo training

Please text or call me so we can begin discussing your tattoo. If you have any reference images please send them along, let me know where you want the tattoo and the size in inches.

How it works

The Design

I can do custom tattoo designs for you. If you have reference images feel free to email or text them to me. From there we can discuss how you want your tattoo to look.

The Tattoo

On the day of your appointment I come to your place set up my equipment and do the tattoo. All health and safety practices are followed. Once we are done I’ll wrap you up, clean up my equipment and go.

~ I do require 30% of the estimated price as a deposit before spending time to work on a design.

~ Depending on where the tattoo is to be placed I may need to come out and see you for a free consultation.